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Olisiko mahdollista saada XEP-0313 Message Archive Management käyttöön? Vaikuttaa myös hyödylliseltä mobiilikäyttöön, kuten muutkin Conversations:in tukemat XEPit. Diasporalla vaikuttaa olevan Prosodyn kautta vähän parempi XEP-tuki.

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Keeping sessions open indefinitely, even though you are not really connected, is undesirable for two reasons. First of all an open session makes you show up as online to your contacts which might not be a good idea if you really are not and second of all it will block resources on your server. However keeping the session open is unnecessary if all you want is to receive messages that were sent to you while your device was offline. The solution to this is called XEP-0313: Message Archive Management. It allows a client that failed to resume a session, because it was offline for more than a couple of minutes, to request the backlog of messages from the server. To the user this process is seamless. They usually will not notice whether the messages came from a resumed session or the archive. That technology is currently being rolled out. Conversations on Android has been capable of this since early 2015. On the server side ejabberd has support for this and there is a module for Prosody.